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The Absolute Very Best in Airbrushing  Signs for Churches, Schools, Businesses, etc... also Walls,Building , Murals Cars, Vans Motorcycles.

Academy of Business & Technology High School wall in Melvindale Michigan

Science Room Wall

Business Room Wall

Sports Room - Gymnasium Entrance

School Logo Over office Entrance

Michigan technical Academy Exterior Sign /w Logo

MTA  Middle School School Logo wall main door entrance

Corinthian Baptist Church Wall Mural..(Pulpit)

Exterior Wall Cut out Painted on Salon Building

Salon Wall Exterior

East wall Salon Image

Airbrushed Van for the Movie "Salvation Blvd" to be aired in late 2011

Rt Side van Image

Lft Side Van Image

Rear Door Of van

NW Side of Van

10 ft wall mural at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit Michigan

North Side of Church Wall (GFM)

Daughters Bedroom of Thomas (Hitman) Hearns

North Wall

West View

New Life Ministries WorldWide Interior wall Logo

1/4 Side View

Wall image in Sanctuary